Monograph Guidelines

Description of the Process:
The monograph is a narrowly focused, practical description of a project or topic of interest to middle level teachers, principals or schools in North Carolina. This publication is 10,000 to 20,000 words long and should focus on practical application of ideas.
Submission Guidelines and Timelines:
1. An announcement for monograph proposals will appear in the NCMSA Advocate and/or the Journal. The Announcement will include:

description of monograph with details about specific or narrowly defined topic
deadline for submission,
specifics for submitting prospectus,
guidelines for authors
number and/or name for more information.

2. Submitted proposals should be mailed to the middle school office where files are created for each proposal.

3. A monograph coordinator will be selected by the committee. The coordinator will be responsible for setting up meetings, making sure the process is moving forward.

4. The publications committee will review proposals using a "two round" process. The first round will be a blind review of the submitted proposals. Readers will review proposals using a review sheet. The monograph coordinator with the support of the NCMSA executive assistant will send out the proposals. Reviewers will receive a packet of proposals (approximately 5) and review them within two weeks. The coordinator will prioritize proposals using review sheets. The second round will occur during a meeting of the publications committee. During this meeting (held soon after proposals are returned), resumes of authors of selected proposals are reviewed and a selection is made. If necessary, references may be called and writing samples requested. A final decision may be delayed if sample references or writing samples are requested.
5. Once an author and topic are chosen, a monograph managing editor will be selected. The editor will be a member of the publication committee. A managing editor may be selected from the state board or affiliates of the NCMSA organization if an expert is known.
6. The managing editor will work with the author(s) for a period of six months [maximum time to complete monograph].

7. After monograph is complete, members of the publication committee may review monograph.

8. Once approved by the publication committee, the monograph will be printed.

9. The entire process should take no more than 11 months.

General Guidelines for Authors
1. Potential authors should submit a well-developed annotated outline and resume along with a Prospective Author Information Sheet (see below). Sample writings may be requested by NCMSA.
2. The length of the monograph is 10,000 to 20,000 words.

3. Authors are advised to avoid educational jargon. Simple, straight-forward prose that makes ample use of examples, anecdotes and case studies is preferred. Any citations must be complete and based on the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines.

4. Tables, charts and graphs should be used only if necessary.

5. Photos may be submitted. Clear, high resolution jpg, gif, or tiff formats are preferred. A release must be provided for all persons who can be identified in the photograph. Photographs become the property of the NCMSA. It will be the final decision of NCMSA which photos will be used.

6. Monograph costs are incurred by NCMSA. Published monographs become the property of the organization.

7. Each monograph author will be assigned a managing editor who will work with the author to successfully complete the project.
8. Completed work should be submitted in print and electronically in Microsoft Word format.

Prospective Author Information Sheet
Complete the three sections as completely as possible. Any questions should be directed to the NCMSA office.
I. General Information
A. Working Title:
B. Brief statement of monograph's purpose:
C. Intended Audience:
D. Benefits to NCMSA members :
E. Anticipated length:
II. Provide an outline of the monograph. Give annotated details for each section. Furnish enough information so a reader will understand each section.
III. Attach a short resume highlighting teaching/administrative experience and other professional experience related to middle level education.
IV. Contact Information:
Name (contact person if more than one author): __________________________________
Other authors ____________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________
Phone Numbers: (Home)________________ (Work) _______________ (Fax) _______________
Email Address:____________________________________________________
Current Occupation: (Contact author)__________________________________________________
(Other authors) ___________________________________________________
List any writing experience of the author(s) (none is required):
Please direct all questions and submit all forms & information regarding prospective monographs to:
Dr. John A. Harrison, Executive Director
PO Box 5216
Pinehurst, NC 28374
(910) 235-3761
Prospective Monograph Rating Form
This is the form that reviewers will use when considering a proposed monograph.
Monograph # _________________ Reviewer:__________________________
Rate the strength (1=Poor to 4=Excellent) of this proposal in each of the categories listed below.
1. Relevance of Topic_________
2. Clarity of Outline___________
3. Appropriate for NC Readers ________
4. Practicality of Topic ________
5. Accuracy of Topic _________
6. Beneficial to our Readers ________
Other comments:
Additional questions about the proposal that you have at this point: